Recent Comics I Have Read

Mighty Avengers #10: The time travel saga continues, with the clever conceit that the flashback pages look like a Marvel comic from 20-30 years ago, including the slogans along the bottom gutter. Dr. Doom is well-presented (“A lot more people hate you than hate me”). Plus the thought balloons are WAY less annoying now.

Birds of Prey #115: Art is good. Zinda is good. Huntress is always good. Black Alice I could do without, as her powers seem ludicrous (she absorbs people’s clothing, too?) Still not up to Simonian levels, but making progress.

The Last Defenders #1: A nice turn on the (ludicrous) Initiative concept as the new Defenders are assigned to…New Jersey? Artwork is okay, though Blazing Skull apparently needs to try Adkins. I liked the portrayal of Kyle Richmond as conflicted and self-doubting. Very Marvel, that.

Detective Comics #842: Well, that was kind of a letdown. Is that really all the Magic Armor of Doom does? Give you ‘roid rage? As part of some supehero version of The DaVinci Code? Artwork decent, coloring GREAT.

Green Arrow & Black Canary #6: I think Judd Winick has captured the interplay between Canary and Arrow very well. They behave like, well, old friends/lovers, as it should be. Good art, especially with Dinah having an athletic build and realistic boobs as opposed to implanted basketballs,. I thought Mia snoozing in the front seat of the van while “mom” and “dad” talked was unexpectedly sweet.

Powers #28: Ugh. Why does Deena have to have powers? Can I whine about this some more? At least Christian stays out of that ludicrous Milennium Guard get-up. I can only hope this arc ends with Pilgrim losing her power to fry people through their eyeballs.

Uncle Sam & the Freedom Fighters #5 & 6: Superheroes as bad dads is becoming a cliche, but it’s well-presented here, even if we have to again swallow the idea that Golden Age heroes have 20-something children. Art is good, rather Chaykin-esque actually. The REALLY gross potential side-effects of shrinking. And Red Bee is presented WAY better as an insect queen villain that that silliness over in Superman.

Wonder Woman #18: Simone is hitting her stride here. The courting rituals were wonderful. Etta Candy: “woo fuckin’ woo” = priceless. Artwork was…okay, I guess, though it appears Bernard Chang is convinced Sarah Michelle Gellar should play the lead in the Wonder Woman movie.


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