Recent Comics I Have Read

52 #27: Ralph Dibny Goes to Hell. The only thing I dislike more than metaphysical/outer-space comic book adventures is metaphysical/outer-space comic book adventures with clearly inappropriate heroes (Spider-Man vs. Mephisto, Batman vs. Darkseid, etc.) . Ralph is a frickin’ detective, not the Phantom Stranger.

Batman #658: Okay, now I dislike Bat-brat. He has no personality, ludicrously unrealistic skills and is just plain silly. Plus, he beats up Alfred, kills a thug in cold blood, nearly KILLS Robin and all Batman gives him is a stern talking to? And Talia is officially boring, having become just another scene chewing villain prone to excessive exposition. And don’t even get me started on the Bat-rocket!

Eternals #5: Excellent, excellent series. The Eternals are presented as Earth-bound gods, not merely superheroes who check “other” in the box on origin. Deviants with a Celestial-based religion is a great touch, as is all the pop-culture references, Zuras as a homeless wino and Thena as a soccer mom. Great stuff!

Powers #20: Now this is Powers; none of that Millenium Guard crap, no powers for Deena. Not even a reference to the boring origins of all the powers; just cops working a powers-related murder.


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