Recent Comics I Have Read

52 #4: Continues to be interesting. I liked the focus on Rene Montoya and the Cult of Superboy is interesting for its echoes of Kingdom Come. Artwork is still spotty.

JSA #85: Okay, the lame Gentleman Ghost was actually moderately interesting this issue. I’m kinda interested in what he’s up to. But how is Jay Garrick here as the Flash and tarted up in Joel Schumacher leatherwear over in the Outsiders?

Ultimate Extinction #5: Nice ending, but I would’ve liked it better if it had come out and been completed before the Evil Liberal Army invasion in Ultimates. Actually, if you take out the superhero angle, the whole concept of Gah-Lak-Tus was actually pretty good science fiction.

Ultimate Fantastic Four #30: Something’s wrong with Johnny (again) and the Wes Craven Fantastic Four are up to something. Plus, where the heck did Ultimate Latveria come from? Last we saw Doom, he was slumming in Denmark. And why (on the cover at least) does he suddenly have normal legs?

Uncanny X-Men #473: Haven’t read anything mutant-related in a long time, but I was intrigued by the Claremont name. Sure enough, this is vintage Claremont: absolutely impenetrable. And excessively “cosmic.” And how many times has he done this “horsemen of the Apocalypse” bit?


2 Responses to “Recent Comics I Have Read”

  1. This might have some spoilers.Regarding the Jay Garrick thing, it turns out an evil group got ahold of some of Jay Garrick at some point, cloned him (the clone is only 30, instead of reflecting Garrick’s true age, for whatever reason) and sold him to this African dictator.As to the Uncanny X-Men, was that the issue with Jamie braddock explaining why Psylocke isn’t dead? I’ve got a huge theory of how that ties into a lot of other stuff I’ve seen recently at Marvel (it’s on my blog, around May 6th I believe). I know at least part of what they’re setting up is psylocke joining the Exiles. That might be off now that Claremont’s got some health issues.

  2. Ah, the old “evil clone” gambit. And I get the impression that Jay Garrick is now the only super-speedster, right? And no more Speed Force? Maybe now we’ll have speedsters who can’t outrun tachyons. As for the X-Men, I am SO far behind, I don’t know that I’ll ever catch up. Claremont certainly shreds Quesada’s Iron Law of Story-Arcs, doesn’t he?

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